DCM 107 DashCam Full HD

This Vivitar DCM-107 DashCam Full HD lets you capture crisp HD footage, so you can easily keep track of incidents that happen in and around your vehicle. A 90 degree Wide 4G glass lens makes it easy to review recorded videos and an integrated microphone records the sounds inside your vehicle. With incident detection (G-Sensor) automatically save footage of collisions and incidents that happen to your vehicle while you’re driving. A suction cup mount keeps the DashCam secure within your car! Also available is an expandable 32 GB Micro SD memory slot for many recording options!

Technical details

  • 90 Degree Lens 
  • Integrated Microphone 
  • Records sounds inside your vehicle 
  • Incident detection (G-Sensor) 
  • Suction cup mount 
  • expandable 32GB Micro SC Memory Slot